Vendors Supply, Inc. of Virginia

4410 Crossings Boulevard
Prince George, VA 23875
(804) 452-274

Pastry must be ordered by 10 am on Tuesday for Duchess.  

Pastry must be ordered by 10 am on Wednesday for Flowers.  (Both of these have a 3-week lead time)


Delivery Day                        Order Type              Order Deadline

Monday                                               Allied                                     4pm Thursday

                                                                Allied Additions                10am Friday

                                                                Frozen                                  4pm Wednesday


Tuesday                                                Allied                                     4pm Friday

                                                                Allied Additions                10am Monday

                                                                Frozen                                  4pm Wednesday


Wednesday                                        Allied                                     4pm Monday

                                                                Allied Additions                10am Tuesday

                                                                Frozen                                  4pm Friday


Thursday                                             Allied                                     4pm Tuesday

                                                                Allied Additions                10am Wednesday

                                                                Frozen                                  4pm Friday


Friday                                                    Allied                                     4pm Wednesday

                                                                Allied Additions                10am Thursday

                                                                Frozen                                  4pm Friday

All orders may be placed in advance at any time.

Please help us by placing your orders in a timely manner as indicated above.