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Vendors Supply, Inc.


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About Us

A Message From The President

On behalf of the entire Vendors Supply team, we are very happy to welcome you  to our Web Site.   If  you are new to our Company, thank you for joining us!  We want you to feel that your association with Vendors Supply will be mutually beneficial and pleasant.

You are either already partnered with or have the opportunity to partner with a vending products distributor that has established an outstanding reputation for customer service.  Credit for this goes to every one of our employees, but even more to our loyal customers who have helped guide us along a path that has allowed us to serve them well, some for as long as forty-five years.  This Web Site is a product of suggestions and requests from our customers and it will now continue to evolve as you continue to help us provide you with the information and convenience that you need in order to more effectively operate your business.  

If you are not presently an active customer, we hope that something on this Web Site will inspire you to contact our Distribution Center serving your area, and allow us to service your vending product needs.  Click here to initiate what we hope will be a mutually successful relationship.

My Dad, James Sikes, began this business in 1964.  It is my commitment to you, our customer, to carry on the fair business practices and principles that he maintained for forty-five years. By continuing to partner together, we will achieve our respective business goals.   To our existing customers, thank you for your continued  business and loyalty.   With your help, we will continue to earn it.

Most sincerely,

Randy Sikes

Randy Sikes

President, CEO