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Vendors Supply, Inc.

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Vendors Supply of South Carolina

South Carolina Home Page

Branch History

The history of the Columbia, South Carolina branch of Vendors supply is told on the Our History page of this web site.  This is where it all began in 1964.  Vendors Supply of South Carolina has been in its present location since 1968.  From here we serve customers throughout South Carolina and in Augusta and Savannah, Georgia.  Here also is our Corporate office.  Together we strive to set the tone and the pace of our business.  Our commitment to our customers is to be responsive to your needs and to always seek to provide the best customer service available in our area.  At Vendors Supply, “Service is Our #1 Product”.

What Our Customers Say

“There is a lot to be said for good customer service.  That is one thing I have always received from Vendors Supply of South Carolina.  We are a small family owned business and I have never been treated by the employees of Vendors Supply as anything other than an important customer.  I value that completely.

Mellody Marion, my sales representative visits me regularly to introduce me to new products or help out with any problem that needs to be addressed (and there are very few).  She stops in with a smile on her face and a great “goody bag” of samples.  I can also count on Elaine to call Thursday morning with a friendly reminder that my order is due.  I deal with a lot of other vendors and sales representatives, but none of them compare with Vendors Supply.  Thank you very much and keep up the personal touches.”

Elizabeth Cole

Charleston Cash & Carry Wholesale

Our customer sales and service A-Team.

Left to Right:  Teresa, Nita, Debby, Dee, Elaine, Lea and Mellody.  

From our family to yours