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Vendors Supply, Inc.

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Vendors Supply of Virginia

Virginia Home Page

Branch History

Vendors Supply, Inc. Virginia was established in 1987 in Petersburg, VA.  In 1991 the branch moved to Prince George, VA where we continue to operate today.  The Virginia branch services the territories of Virginia , Eastern North Carolina, Washington D.C., Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.  

Vendors Supply Virginia has 32 Team Members, including 4 that have been with the Virginia Branch since it opened in 1987.  Our Team Members have a wealth of industry experience in both years of service and knowledge of the Vending and Office Coffee Service business.  We are dedicated to giving you the best customer service available in the industry.

Taking excellent care of our customers is truly at the core of everything we do!

: Our experienced and professional Virginia team members strive to exceed our customer’s expectations by providing exceptional customer service.

Our Virginia warehouse team members.